About Me

Hello! Welcome to Style Me Petite. A platform for us to chat about all things style for those who are tall on the INSIDE (but not necessarily on the OUTSIDE, haha).

It’s so nice that you are here.

If you have questions at any stage, ideas or topics for more content, please reach out to me by posting a comment or by using the contact page. This website is really created with you in mind so if I can help you, let me know. On the other hand, if you find some great petite clothes or have created looks that really work for us with a smaller frame, please share those too as I love to get new ideas and be inspired by YOU too! It’s fun to be part of a unique, petite community 🙂

My Story

So, let me introduce myself. I’m Renae. Ironically my name means “Reborn” and I feel that is so fitting for me (pardon the pun) as in fashion, we are constantly reinventing ourselves, deciding which parts of ourselves we want to show or which feeling we want to express at any given moment 🙂 There are many parts of myself that at different times, I want to highlight and my outfit is definitely a main communicator. I live on the Gold Coast in AUSTRALIA, I’m a professional and I’m in my mid-30s. I’m also a co-parent to two little ones and have always loved a good DIY, style and fashion! So here I am 🙂

I, most likely like you, am petite sized at 5’2″ (158cm) and as as we know, clothes are most often made for women who are 5’5″ so though I wear an Australian size 6 on top and 8-10 on the bottom in regular sizing, the proportions can be a little off and it can be a challenge to find clothes and styles that fit with petite proportions. I also find many styles may be a little childish or boyish and though I do love the tomboy look or even an androgynous look at times too, I still want to look feminine and chic.

I am also a rebel and I encourage you to be one too! There are so many systems on style that teach you what you should wear and so many trends and “must haves” that you simply “must have” but I like to take what other people are doing, what’s trending and what’s available in the shops and let it inspire me to reinvent something new and different, with my own take 🙂 I also love a DIY and love to up-cycle, reinventing looks using second hand clothes which I’ll share as we go. So, I encourage you as you read this blog to do the same. Take what you like, be inspired and apply it to your body and your personality, with your own take 😉

You are what you wear

There have been books upon books written about this! And chances are if you are reading this, you understand that the way we dress has a huge impact on how we feel and also how others respond to us! We’ve all had those days when we are wearing a put together outfit and we feel more confident and seem to be able to accomplish the tasks of our day with more ease. This can work against us in some ways too until we understand how to use the power of style to authentically express who we are, to tell the world a unique story and also to support our energy. Though finding those unique pieces and creating an overall cohesive style, takes practice and keeping up with the latest trends can seem impossible! But, I love it! Some may say it’s an addiction. So I’ll share what I learn here and hopefully it can help you too 🙂

Fashion lights me up

From my childhood days of sewing and designing outfits for my barbie dolls and going on fashion trips with my Textiles Design class in High School, I have literally come a long way! But there is so much that goes into style, it’s so personal and trends are constantly changing so it’s something that if you’re into (like I am), it can take up a lot of time 🙂 And this is why I pretty much spend ALL of my spare time on Pinterest or Instagram or reading articles, books, watching YouTube, researching, shopping and being inspired by what’s trending and how others have put together outfits and then applying what I’ve learnt to my own wardrobe. But honestly, though there have been some changes with my body shape with having children (and getting older-eek!), my height and overall body shape is reasonably constant. Petite. And I know what works for petites and I know what trends to stay away from and which ones to incorporate. I also ADORE colour so I let colour inspire me too. I know that what works for me will not always work for you but I aim to put content on here that is relevant and helpful for all of us and at least I know that if you have a petite body shape, that we will at least be able to wear similar design lines and fit and that the tricks I use to (for example) elongate the body making us appear taller, or, adding a belt in the right place to accentuate our curves, will likely work for you too!

Being Petite is Unique

Unfortunately, with all of my above research, at times I will find styles that I really love online or in shops or on Pinterest only to discover they do not stock my size or when I put the item on my body, it just doesn’t fit right or makes me look shorter or frumpy. There is also some advice online for petite bodies but they usually reference American fashion outlets and brands that don’t always offer international shipping (or is expensive if it does! Especially once you put it all into Australian Dollars!). I am sure you can relate to this same level of frustration as I have seen and heard stories of others who have this same difficulty! BUT, there are some great places that DO stock our sizes or have design lines that once styled correctly can really work for us or with a few simple adjustments, you can alter an item to make it work (I will share some of my up-cycling tips too) AND, in time, I hope to share some of my original petite creations with you all too! For now, let’s play with what we do know and hopefully we can inspire one another. Or if you prefer, let me do the research (which I completely love!) for you and hopefully inspire you and bring fun back into shopping! My hope is that getting dressed can become a fun part of your day and shopping, even more so 🙂

Big Love,

Your petite and stylish friend,

Style Me Petite
Founder and Creator