Dress Styles To Hide A Tummy

As mentioned in my last post, I had a lot of women request this topic hence choosing to write about it but please do not feel that you need to “hide” any part of your body. Know that it is a part of your anatomy and you need it and it serves some wonderful purposes! But also, there are other great features that you may want to bring attention to so I have written a few style tips for this topic here and in this post, I will share about particular dress styles that do this too. Ladies with tummies, dresses are your best friend! But not all dresses. You really want to look for ones that provide extra fabric around your middle and that have designs lines that are slimming. This will ensure that they are comfortable and flattering.

A-Line dresses

A-Line and Empire Line dresses are the best to flatter a tummy. These styles are where the top of the dress (bust and shoulders) is more fitted but there is more fabric from under the bust down. A-line got that name because if you were to lay the top or dress down, it would roughly make the shape of an A or a triangle with the top smaller and the rest flaring out. Here is a great example from Jeanswest which I feel would be super flattering around the tummy and with a small amount of definition with the little belt, it brings the waistline up which lengthens the legs:

Another great option is this dress available from Modcloth:

What I love about this dress is that though it’s not petite, it is sleeveless (which is a great way for petites who have proportionally smaller shoulders to avoid having sagging shoulders). I also love the pleats that are very slimming and provide great vertical lines for height. A great A-line petite option is from Boden here. Super cute, extremely versatile and available in some great colours.

Empire Dresses

Empire dresses are usually associated with formal dresses but they are very similar to A-line but the fabric falls straight down rather than flares out. For some petite options, check out this dress from Boden that is a casual empire line dress or this one. Both of the Boden dresses come in petites and you can check the size guide for each garment to check if you need a petite size or regular (they also have talls/longs!).

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are great for creating an illusion of height. Look for maxi dresses that are all the one pattern or colour and incorporate diagonal or vertical lines if you can. Horizontal lines on a petite aren’t great and really not good for someone who is wider because the vertical line is drawing the attention horizontal making you appear wider rather than vertical, making you taller. I am in love with this dress that I found at Modcloth:
It has some additional features that really make it work including that fabulous diagonal vertical line which brings the attention vertical and really gives more height. It also comes in some bigger sizes (upto 4 XL) and some really small sizes (XXS) but unfortunately this dress is not a petite item so you may need a hem! (But check the size guide for measurements). Here is a more casual one from Rusty which is super cool too:
I would recommend wearing a fitted cropped vest or jacket with the one above. More styling tips about jackets can be found here and here. Another fun maxi dress here:
(For petite maxi dresses, consider this one or this one from Boden).

Wrap Dresses

I really like wrap dresses in general. I feel like they are super flattering and work for so many body shapes. They provide extra coverage around the tummy to and the diagonal lines they create are quite slimming and usually, the V brings the attention to the bust area. Here is a great one from Boden (that comes in a range of sizes including petite, regular and long). Here is another one I love particularly for ladies who want to show off their legs!There are many more designs that work but these are just a few. I had so much fun shopping for these styles. Feel free to share what you have found in the comments 🙂 More style tips on this topic can be found in my previous post here.

4 thoughts on “Dress Styles To Hide A Tummy”

  1. Great tips for the petite body type and problematic tummy area!
    It is always a challenge to look and feel good in a dress and have a way to hide the less flattering parts and highlight the assets. I particularly like A-line and wrap dresses.
    They are very cute and flattering and just perfect for my body type.
    Thanks for sharing, Renae 🙂

  2. Thanks for these wonderful ideas, Renae! I loved that Elodie jersey dress you had in your link (wrap dress). So flattering for most body types.
    Great ideas which I’d never really considered, especially the wrap dress. All these dresses you pictured are really lovely, btw!
    Warm wishes
    Lyndal Jane

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