Denim Denim Outfits

Double denim has made it’s way back from the 80s and 90s into current fashion trends and, for good reason in my opinion! For those that know me, know that I seem to have an unending catalogue of “Denim Denim outfits”. The reason for this is because I buy a lot of clothes second hand and denim is a fabric that wears so well, keeps its shape, still looks good worn out and seems to always be in fashion! So…. I buy a lot of denim!! Therefore, I thought I’d share a few denim denim outfits from the catwalk as well as my own collection so that you can also be inspired over this trend and bring denim on denim back!

Tom Ford

I’m starting with Tom Ford because I really love his latest New York Autumn/Winter 2020 collection as his designs are really wearable and he has done some clever things with mixing denims to give an upcycled look in pants, skirts and bags. Here are some examples:


Veronica Beard

Veronica Beard is actually one of my favourite designers and I adore everything about this outfit especially how they have added quilting to the denim to create texture. Not to mention the floral, the high rise of the pants and that folded pocket on the pants too! So many things!

Here are some other examples by Ulla Johnson and Redemption where you can see a different vintage/washed denim look as well in monotone as well as more examples of mixing denims:


There are really no rules with wearing denim on denim I think and though I really love to mix it up and wear more than one type of denim at a time to add variety and contrast. Here are some examples of recent outfits:


Most of the items used here were bought second hand or as is the case with both the bags, borrowed from friends (it pays to have stylish and fashion appreciator friends 🙂 ).


Which is your favourite look?

For more inspiration, check out my latest IGTV here or shop the look below:



Thanks for reading 🙂